Tribe and Sol is all about self-care, connection and curating a space filled with meaning, magical vibes, and high energy. It is our mission to empower society through cosmic vibrancy, by promoting positive symbolism enables us to reach the loving souls of our customers. We believe in the beauty and strength in coming together as a community to build with and support one another, having a deep interest in people's lives and hearts. When you join the Tribe you Feel the Sol.

At Tribe and Sol, we're known for our vibrant textiles and unique silhouettes. We create a mesh of street style garments, culturally influenced jewelry, and focus our products on ritual and revolution. Making the unconventional artistically functional is the foundation of our philosophy. T+S achieves this by taking simple geometric shapes to extreme, breathing new life into one-of-one vintage pieces, and using ready-made objects removed from their original context that are both sustainable and size inclusive. Many of our pieces are one - few cultural bohemian wears for the earthy, romantic, and folksy bohemian. A mix of patterns and textures; you'll find oversized tops, indian tunics, dashikis, caftans, tapered trousers, harem pants, jumpsuits, handmade wire hoops, traditional hoops from West Africa, jeweled beaded earrings, silk wrapped and hand dyed earrings, unisex brass rings, beaded fringe bracelets, and a varied collection of vintage items.